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What Processes Should You Automate?

Many Organizations Lack Clarity On What Qualitative and Quantitative Criteria They Should Apply When Creating An Automation Roadmap. Our ROI-Based Tool Creates Your Roadmap For You.

Process Roadmap Generator.png
Our Process Automation Roadmap Generator allows you to:
  • Enter your organization's key processes by name and by department.
  • Answer several basic questions about each process, including current efficiency level, number of people involved, number of systems involved, process frequency, and process profile.
  • An ROI-based Automation Benefit Score will be dynamically generated for each process, based on the answers you have entered.
  • Our Generator then creates your full Process Automation Roadmap, prioritized by individual process ROI and viewable by individual department or across all departments. Sample below:
  • You can easily modify the default weightings for each question based on your organization's specific priorities. 

Ready to Create Your Organization's

Process Automation Roadmap?


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