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Are Broken Company Processes So Frustrating That 
Employees Are Ready To Head For The Exits?

A New Study Demonstrates That Inefficiency Can Have An Extremely Negative Impact on Employee Retention
A new study found that a third of employees are currently looking for new jobs as a result of their frustration with inefficient operational and administrative processes. Based on a survey of workers from a cross-section of US industries, the study, which was commissioned by Nintex and is entitled The Definitive Guide to America's Most Broken Processes, states that 86 percent of survey respondents cited broken company processes as a driving factor behind their decision to leave their companies.
What specific processes did respondents find most frustrating?
  • Inefficient employee onboarding;
  • Slow or inefficient IT Support;
  • Lack of access to productivity tools;
  • Frustrating processes surrounding performance reviews;
  • Lack of transparency defining clear career/promotion paths;
No company wants to have a high attrition rate. But beyond the monetary costs, there are significant reputational impacts associated with high turnover that can take a signifiant toll on companies in both the short-term and long-term. 
A growing recognition of those negative impacts are a major reason companies are beginning to focus more on workflow automation as a way to solve these process-related problems. 
How Can BOOST Strategy Partners Help?
Our team leverages the Nintex Workflow Platform to automate paper-based processes in Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations and IT -- dramatically improving staff efficiency and productivity. 
And perhaps not surprisingly, the processes that many customers are most interested in automating (and simplifying) include IT support, employee onboarding, and employee performance reviews. 
Our experienced workflow automation team is recognized nationally as subject matter experts in designing and automating efficient workflows that improve staff productivity and satisfaction. 

BOOST Is A Certified Strategic Nintex Partner

Nintex Workflow Cloud

Nintex Provides the Tools. BOOST Delivers Transformation!

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