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Hawkeye Process Analytics

Once you've automated your forms and workflow processes, you have the added benefit of being able to view the resulting data through a powerful visualization tool such as Hawkeye to gain insights on where improvements can be made.

Key Benefits of Hawkeye Analytics:

  • Allows you to measure the size, scale, effectiveness and business impact that your workflows are having.

  • Allows you to govern and manage workflow design, deployment and use across both cloud and on premise sources.

  • Enables continual optimization and improvement of how employees engage and use the processes your business relies on.

  • Allows you to identify when and how often processes run, who’s involved, what content is accessed, and how each process can be improved.

Hawkeye allows you to connect Nintex data sources in minutes through easy to configure dashboards -- or Hawkeye can plug into your existing business intelligence applications.  

“Now, driven by data, we are making more informed and smarter business decisions that deliver value-added benefits to our organization and our community. That can only be a good thing.”


—Anthony Gouder, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

“Hawkeye enables business and IT to answer questions about process performance, and offers insight into process execution that heretofore has been lacking in many similar workflow and BPM tools.”


—Carl Lehmann, 451 Research





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