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Time To Migrate Your InfoPath Forms?

If you're concerned about migrating your InfoPath forms, you're certainly not alone. Microsoft has generated some fairly intense anxiety across its customer base with recent announcements that it will be discontinuing InfoPath. So what's a loyal InfoPath forms fan to do?


There are several alternative forms tools available, but based on our experience with each, Nintex provides InfoPath customers with the best combination of features, speed to conversion, cost, and return-on-investment.

  • In addition to enabling users to quickly create forms with a no-code drag-and-drop designer, Nintex has the advantage of working within the same environment as SharePoint, so you don't have to exit SharePoint to create each form.  

  • Nintex also offers a mobile solution for displaying forms on smartphones and tablets - in addition to powerful workflow, document generation and analytics features for no additional cost.

  • Our team at BOOST Strategy Partners has been working with InfoPath forms, Nintex forms and SharePoint for years. We can move your forms quickly and easily.

  • As a certified strategic Nintex partner, we can also train you to become as self sufficient on SharePoint and Nintex as you'd like, in addition to providing you with support whenever you need us.

Contact us today to set up a free demo of Nintex Forms and discuss your migration needs. 

We understand your InfoPath anxiety -- and we're here to help!

Contact us at 571-274-8692 or email us to schedule a demo or request more information.

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