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Using Nintex RPA, your organization can leverage trained bots to quickly and cost-effectively automate routine tasks, working with both structured and unstructured data sources, using an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Valuable data can be found in numerous locations across the enterprise, from spreadsheets and websites to legacy applications. Nintex RPA provides over 300 actions that easily connect and enable you to get automated tasks running in just minutes – with no programming skills required.

Ease of use 
Nintex RPA's intuitive interface can be  learned quickly and easily by business as well as technical users.


Total cost of ownership
With Nintex RPA, you only pay for the processes you automate, not the number of bots or processes you deploy.

Increase Accuracy

Eliminate the risk of human errors across business processes.


What are some examples of how you can leverage Nintex RPA for company operations?

  • Standardize formats for account information, such as phone number, letter case, and zip code

  • Automatically transfer data from flex fields to regular databases fields

  • Pull activity-based fees from Excel or third-party databases and charge to commercial accounts; for example, remote deposits

  • Automate the consolidation of data between deposit accounts into unified statements to reduce mailing costs

  • Change cycle codes automatically, automate account maintenance and the consolidation and closing of inactive accounts

  • Disaster recovery, including memo post DDA accounts and the performance of other routine functions following the loss of power or service after a disaster

  • Breach recovery, including automating single or batch cancellation of compromised credit cards, reissuance, and account memo posting

  • Automatically convert customers to new product types when criteria are met; for example, new checking accounts

  • Perform mass service fees in customer accounts

  • Update service fees in customer accounts and automate memo posting processes

  • Automate service charge and interest plan coding to all non-certificate deposit types

Contact us at 571-274-8692 or email us to schedule a demo or request more information.

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