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Automated Document Generation

Most companies create documents on an daily basis -- including sales proposals, project contracts, NDA's, price quotes, production orders, presentations, or reports.


Often the documents are created manually by one or more people across several departments -- with data or content being requested by Person A and then provided by Persons B, C and D across email threads or phone calls or in meetings. That data and content is then manually re-entered into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets, or other applications. As an overall process, this approach leaves a whole lot of room for error.


So is this really the most efficient way to approach creation of such important company communications and contracts?

We know of a better way.


Nintex revolutionized business process workflows over the last 10 years by creating a simple but powerful tool to automate repeatable company processes (that were often paper-based and/or inefficient). And now Nintex has created an equally powerful and user-friendly solution for document generation.

Nintex Document Generation lets you easily and quickly create dynamic, data-driven, and compliant documents by automating the data aggregation and document assembly process.

How Does It Work?

  • You create and design templates in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF formats;

  • You leverage Nintex's simple Tagger Action to tag sections in your document or presentation where you want to dynamically insert data or content;

  • The specific data or content is then pulled from whatever system it resides in -- whether it lives in Salesforce or your ERP system or SharePoint or Box or WorkDay or any other other application or system;

  • After the data or content has been inserted, the updated document is routed internally or externally for email approvals, revisions, and final delivery.​ It's really as simple (and repeatable) as that. 

Document Generation Use Cases 

"With Nintex Document Generation for Salesforce, we have automated the entire sales contract process and most importantly, our customer data is accurate. We have eliminated the challenges and problems associated with exposing contracts on the desktops of staff."

– Brian Frank, Director of Global Enterprise Operations, LinkedIn

"Our Sales team loves how Nintex Document Generation has improved their jobs and that they can generate a document package with literally a click of a button."

– David Fidler, Director of Operations, Cartelligent 

Contact us at 571-274-8692 or email us to schedule a demo or request more information.

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