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Workflow Automation:
Digital Transformation Starts Here

Digital Transformation is about improving the daily productivity and experience of people -- your staff, your customers and your partners. So what's the first step? Automating those paper-based business processes to accelerate approvals and remove frustrating bottlenecks that are currently slowing you down. 

Here are the three critical stages:


  1. Automate: Identify one or more business processes within your company that are paper-based, slow, or redundant. This is accomplished by leveraging a powerful tool like Nintex which automates workflows and creates mobile and web-based forms. As an example, an HR department might create a workflow that automates the several repetitive steps required every time a new employee is hired -- including the creation of a new email account, procurement of a new laptop, the entry of their information into the payroll system, etc. 

    Once you create a workflow that configures the required actions and integrates with existing company systems, you then designate who should have the rights to trigger the workflow to begin. This approach significantly expedites the process and can request approvals, via automated emails, as they're needed throughout the workflow.


  2. Analyze & Optimize: Once your processes have moved from being paper-based to automated, you can view the resulting data through a visualization dashboard tool like Hawkeye to gain insights on where improvements can be made. In our employee onboarding example, a data dashboard might illustrate that laptop inventory needs to be doubled during a specific period of time when hiring activity is consistently much higher than during other times of the year.

  3. Engage: Leveraging technology to enhance the way your company handles various operational processes is only part of the full transformation.

    Armed with new business insights that are backed by data, you have an opportunity to engage in new ways with your customers, your partners and staff. We work with you to make the most of that opportunity from a communication and messaging standpoint -- and we help you leverage powerful tools to ensure that your outreach is effective.  

The BOOST team has deep subject matter expertise optimizing and automating operational processes in HR, Finance, IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing - for legal and accounting firms, associations and non-profits, health systems, and consulting firms. And we're one of the few teams that have worked with the Nintex platform since its introduction over a decade ago. As a proud Nintex Strategic Partner, we combine our proven business expertise with Nintex's easy-to-use platform to ensure your company's digital transformation is a successful one. 

Contact us below to discuss your needs, schedule a live demo or to get a free download of Nintex so you can try it for yourself. We're here and available to help you every step of the way.

We Leverage the Nintex Platform to Automate Your Business Processes

We Convert Your Paper Forms

into Web and Mobile Forms

We Help You Gain Critical Business Insights from Data Analytics Dashboards

  • Design workflows quickly and easily

  • Intuitive drag n' drop design tools

  • Automate through clicks, not code

  • Connect to your company systems

  • Enable smart routing and approvals

Mobile and Desktop Forms

Paper Forms

Improve Data Accuracy. Automate Your Approvals.

Enable Real-Time Reporting (and save some trees!)

We leverage Nintex Hawkeye dashboards to show you how often each workflow process runs, who’s involved, and how each process can be improved.

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Read The Upper Chesapeake Health Case Study

Contact us at 571-274-8692 or email us to schedule a demo or request more information.

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