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Ready For Your Nintex QuickStart?  
Get Up and Running FAST with Our Two Day Starter Package

BOOST Strategy Partners created our Nintex QuickStart Program to help organizations leverage the transformative power of the Nintex Workflow Platform as quickly and easily as possible. We understand that the very first steps you take with a new technology can often have a significant impact on how far you ultimately go – and we want to help you make the very most of Nintex’s many powerful features.

Our Nintex QuickStart Program covers five key activities in a block of 16 total hours (and can be customized to suit your specific requirements and staff profile):

  1. INSTALL AND CONFIGURATION: One of our Nintex Architects installs and configures Nintex in your on-premise environment or Office 365 Tenant to make sure you’re properly set up and ready to go;  

  2. WORKFLOW PROCESS IDENTIFICATION: We work with you to identify a specific company process to automate – selecting a process which has a clear impact on employee productivity as well as employee satisfaction (up to two hours);

  3. PROOF-OF-CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: We develop a proof-of-concept of the selected process using Nintex Workflow and Forms (up to eight hours);

  4. IMPLEMENTATION & SUPPORT: We provide you with four additional hours of consulting to use in whatever way is most helpful -- either evolving the proof-of-concept, connecting it with one of your company systems, or creating a new workflow/form (up to four hours);

  5. TRAINING: We provide you and your team with training or additional on-call support, based on the number of total hours remaining in the 16-hour total block.

QUICKSTART PROGRAM BENEFITS: As a result of their hands-on experience in the QuickStart program, participants report achieving a significantly greater comfort level with the Nintex platform in just a matter of days, as well as a deeper understanding of the tool’s power to automate and optimize company processes.

Contact Us Today To Schedule Your Nintex QuickStart!

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