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If you want your employees to remain productive when they're on the go, you need to give them the right tools -- and that means providing them with more than just the ability to check their email. They need access to real-time process interactions. So each form and forms-driven workflow solution your company offers needs to be mobile ready.​

That’s why Nintex’s Mobile Apps are such a game changer. They make all your forms accessible via the full array of smartphones and tablets.

Key Benefits:

  1. Your staff will be able to fill out and submit forms online or offline from both phones and tablets.

  2. The forms can actually take advantage of native mobile-specific features including geolocation, camera, and date/time. 

  3. If your process requires bar code or QR code scanning, that can also be done on both phones and tablets.

Perhaps the most surprising element of building mobile forms is how little additional effort it takes. You can typically create a mobile-ready layout for your existing Nintex form and publish it to the Nintex Mobile App in just minutes with clicks, not code.

We Convert Your Paper Forms

into Web and Mobile Forms


Paper Forms

Mobile and Desktop Forms

Contact us at 571-274-8692 or email us to schedule a demo or request more information.

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