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How Digital Transformation Helps HR
Automating Processes and Notifications Helps Ensure HR and Legal Compliance

HR is about designing processes that work efficiently, optimize employee productivity, and are in full compliance with company policies and legal guidelines. So where exactly does digital transformation fit in?


Imagine you’re sitting on the tarmac at JFK at 5:03pm on a Thursday and just before you lose cell service, you get a text alerting you that an employee is about to be terminated. How can you feel comfortable that all the right people have already approved the job action and all the many necessary off-boarding steps will be executed across company networks and systems in the proper sequence?


That’s where the digital part comes in.

Workflow automation allows you to carefully design a specific process and create a trigger so once the process is initiated, all the necessary steps are executed in the proper sequence, whether you’re in the office or on a plane being asked to stow your tray table. In the above example, additional steps, all of which can be automated, might include terminating the individual’s email access, modifying their payroll record, canceling their expense account, and alerting IT so their data can be backed up.


Or perhaps you have a new hire starting next week and you want to make sure everything's ready for their arrival so they have a positive experience on their first day. Automating the onboarding process can ensure everything will be in place and even send you a notification if there's a chance their new laptop or business cards or email account might be delayed -- so you can take the necessary steps beforehand and keep everything on track. 


And onboarding and offboarding are just two of many HR processes that can benefit from process design and automation. Others common processes include performance reviews, vacation requests, job postings, interview coordination, employee training, HR issue submission, and many, many others.


So How Complicated Is All This Automation?

Our team has worked with the Nintex Workflow Platform for many years. And compared to other available tools, we’ve found that Nintex offers the most compelling combination of practical features, affordability, and return-on-investment. But perhaps the feature that most distinguishes Nintex is it's extremely simple drag-n-drop workflow designer, allowing business users to create or modify workflows on their own – and without help from programmers.


Isn't Digital Transformation One of Those Initiatives That Takes Months or Years to Launch?

Most of our clients choose a single workflow to start with that's especially frustrating to staff – like a paper-based vacation approval request or request for a new laptop. And those clients are amazed that their workflow can be automated and up and running in a matter of just days. 

BOOST Is A Certified Strategic Nintex Partner

Nintex Workflow Cloud

Nintex Provides the Tools. BOOST Delivers Transformation!

HR professionals know only too well that human resources is an area that tends to involve many repeatable processes, numerous approval requests, far too much paper (especially for 2018), and scenarios in which it’s absolutely essential that a specific sequence of steps is carefully followed to ensure full legal and policy compliance. The good news is that just a little bit of practical automation can make that happen – far more easily and quickly than you might expect.

To Learn How BOOST Strategy Partners Can Help Automate and Optimize Your HR Processes, Call Us At 571-274-8692 or  Email Us.

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